Monday, January 23, 2017

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Moment of Fate (Moments In Time #5) by Karen Stivali. Includes Exclusive Excerpt.


  We are thrilled to welcome Karen Stivali to Sinfully as she reveals the cover of book #5 Moment of Fate in her hugely popular Moments in Time Series.


Book Brief: A Year and a Day (Fae Haven #1) by Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban

year and adayTitle ~ A Year and a Day (Fae Haven #1)

Author ~ Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban

Publisher ~ Loose Id

Published ~ 17th October 2016

Genre ~ Fantasy M/M Romance





Reserved, bookish Ben isn’t looking for a relationship. Then he meets Niall, a gorgeous stranger with a knack for avoiding direct questions, and tumbles headfirst into love. Niall is perfect in just about every way, right up until he leaves town for a short trip...and vanishes off the face of the earth.
A magical being trapped in his own realm, Niall has to fight to come back to this world for the chance to be with Ben. But by the time he gets back, more than a year has passed, and Ben refuses to believe Niall’s story of Fae and magic.
With only a month to woo Ben back and earn a chance at staying here permanently, Niall is willing to try anything to be with the man he loves. Then Niall’s world spills over into ours and puts Ben’s life in danger, forcing them work together to save Ben before their stolen time comes to an end.


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As M/M Reviewers, between us we have read thousands of m/m romance novels over the years and we would like to share our favourites with you, those reads that have been 4+ stars for us. So every Monday we bring you our Quick Bites, short reviews of our recommended reads.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We have five great Quick Bites to brighten up the start of your week from Z.A. Maxfield,  Rowan Speedwell, Jay Lewis Taylor, L.A. Witt and Eola Eden. Don’t forget you can can also enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Kindle eBook of your choice from this weeks Quick Bites.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Roundup

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Our regular weekend recap of all our review posts from last week in one easy go. If you missed any of our reviews then here’s your chance to browse over all of them quickly again in one easy, convenient post. Take a look and see what you may have missed.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Featured Guest Authors: Breaker (Exile #1) by Kelly Wyre and A.F. Henley with Guest Post & Giveaway


We are thrilled to welcome Kelly Wyre and A.F. Henley here today at Sinfully on their blog tour to celebrate the release of Breaker, book 1 in their new series Exile. Go check it out and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway.


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saturdayCheck out our pick of the incredible list of New Releases from this week and see what’s got us excited… ‘Cause now it’s your turn to get one clicking and wish list adding… and don’t forget our usual giveaway which gives FIVE readers the chance to win!

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Audiobook Review: Commitment Ranch (Dreamspun Desires) by BA Tortuga

commitment-ranchaudioTitle ~ Commitment Ranch

Author ~ BA Tortuga

Narrator ~ John Solo

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Release Date ~ 30th September 2016

Length ~ 6 hours and 20 minutes

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance


A fist fight, a snowstorm, a stolen kiss in the barn and a second chance at love.

Ford Nixel has two law offices, two fancy condominiums, and all the right connections. In short, he has everything he wants.

The last thing he needs is his Uncle Ty's stake in the Leaning N, a ranch that's been in the family for generations. Ford hasn't even been to the ranch in over a decade, not since he left his boyfriend Stoney behind and headed back to college alone.

Ford arrives at the Leaning N to find Stoney, now a single father, right where he left him. A fist fight, a snowstorm, and a stolen kiss in the barn later - Ford knows none of the heat between them has dissipated.


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Book Brief: Ghostly Investigations by Edward Kendrick

ghostly investigationsTitle ~ Ghostly Investigations

Author ~ Edward Kendrick

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 7th January 2017

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Mystery





Jon Watts heard stories about ghosts but never believed in them ... until he becomes one. Now, if he wants to move on, he has to solve his own murder.
At least he'll have help from three new friends: Brody, an undercover cop who was killed five years earlier by an unknown assailant; Sage, a medium who can see and speak with ghosts; and Mike, the detective investigating Jon's murder, who doesn’t know ghosts exist until Sage convinces him otherwise.
Will the four men solve both Brody’s and Jon’s murders? The possible attraction between Mike and Sage only complicates things. Or are Jon and Brody doomed to remain ghosts forever?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Featured Guest Author: Lovesick by Marina Ford. Includes Guest Post.


We are thrilled to welcome debut author Marina Ford to Sinfully today as she celebrates the release of her first book Lovesick, due for release tomorrow 20th January. Go check it out!


Book Brief: Devotedly His by Shawn Lane

devotedly hisTitle ~ Devotedly His

Author ~ Shawn Lane

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 7th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





For years, Spencer Lyons has been a devoted best friend to Max Ramirez, helping him through break up after break up. But Spencer has never let Max know his true feelings -- he’s been in love with his best friend for years.
It doesn’t occur to Max that club-hopping Spencer has deeper feelings for him. When he does learn of Spencer’s love, Max begins to wonder ... should he admit to the love he feels himself and risk losing his best friend if it ends in yet another break up? Or will Spencer always be devotedly his?

Wednesday’s look at what’s HOT in the M/M world. New Releases, Sales & Freebies


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Featured Guest Author: The Mighty Have Fallen by Bonnie Dee. Includes Excerpt.


Happy Release Day Bonnie Dee!

We are thrilled to welcome Bonnie Dee to Sinfully today as she celebrates the release of her new book The Mighty Have Fallen.


Book Brief: Fire Triangle by Iyana Jenna

fire triangleTitle ~ Fire Triangle

Author ~ Iyana Jenna

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 7th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery





While investigating a house fire, Detective Miles Tucker uncovers a similar case twenty years prior. Digging deeper, Miles learns that a survivor from the earlier fire might have some answers to his questions.
As a boy, Devin Treadwell survived a fire that wiped out his entire family. The trauma he suffered left him in a mental institution, but he has since made a full recovery and, though partially deaf and mute, now lives an independent life as a music teacher.
Devin's life is disrupted when the handsome Miles suspects him of being a serial arsonist. But he wasn't the only survivor. A boy named Sebastian who had been adopted by Devin's family also survived the blaze.
Then an attempt is made on Devin's life. Can Miles keep Devin safe from an arsonist who will stop at nothing to silence him? Or will the attraction between them jeopardize the investigation?